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Valuation of Real Estate

Real Estate is the most important of durable goods in the household/company. While acquiring it requires high involvement as well as complex decision making. Valuation of Real Estate really concerns with all species of legal interests arising out of Land and Building which are exchanged for money and therefore entails the phenomena of exchange, scarcity and choice that characterizes a ‘market’ in the economic sense of the term.

Valuation of Plant & Machinery, Equipments

Precise Plant and Machinery Valuations are critical in today’s dynamic markets as they form the basis of successful sales/merger/ acquisition strategies resultantly the return on investment. It is imperative  to have access to accurate information and valuation professional advice in order to make informed choices. Our practice caters to a wide spectrum of industries each having plant and machinery with its own inherent characteristics. Among the issues to be considered in the valuation of plant and machinery are the specific utility or usefulness of industrial property, its contribution to the production of goods and services for which it is designed and deployed.

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